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Food From Indonesia

sharing Indonesian & Dutch-Indonesian cuisine

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The Cook

from my kitchen to yours

You may have guessed, but I love cooking, baking, just anything with “food”.

That's why I am so pleased to be sharing recipes with you. Here you are going to find traditional and authentic Indonesian recipes. But you will also find heritage food recipes, those with Dutch origins which is Dutch-Indo cuisine as we now know it. Many recipes are family favourites passed down from mother to daughter, while others are influenced by modern cuisines. There will be familiar recipes for dishes such as authentic Sate Ayam (chicken satay), as well as the less familiar ones such as Botok Tempeh Tahu (steamed coconut, tempeh and tofu parcels). I will share about soups, stews, meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes, sambals, sauces, sweets, comfort food, street food, and savoury snacks, whilst also sharing helpful tips and tricks that make cooking Indo food easy. There is just so much to share!!!

I have just one goal, and that is to inspire you to cook, create, enjoy and especially share this deliciously aromatic and exotic cuisine.

What's new in the kitchen

Get ready for the summer BBQ. This week my version of sate ayam

Blur Photo of Chicken Satay or Sate Ayam

What's being said

“Francis provides love and soul in her Indonesian kitchen, the reason why every one of us feels the wonderful vibes she
shares .”

Norman Musa

Award Winning Chef, Malaysia

“There are surprisingly few cookbooks on Indonesian food. Francis brings her considerable talents to show us how to cook and eat, Indonesian style.”

Janice Gabriel
Executive TV Producer, UK

“Francis explains the Indonesian kitchen so well, that everyone can cook this at home. Making cookbooks with her is an absolute joy!”

Lisette Drent

Publisher, Good Cook

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